To grow your business, know your clients

Experts agree – if you really want to tap into your best potential, you need to devote time to developing knowledge of both your market and your clients. You can thrive in this competitive market, and MetroTex wants to help. That’s why we’ve brought on board two new nationally recognized instructors, Mar’Sue Haffner and Ralph Williams. Both Haffner and Williams have extensive housing industry experience and know more than a thing or two about closing sales.

Mar’Sue Haffner is a National Sales Trainer with a CSP designation and is a certified CSP trainer. Mar’Sue Haffner spoke at the International Builder Show (IBS) on a Sales Management panel moderated by Tom Richey, an industry icon. In 2016 she spoke at IBS on "Stop Being Out Negotiated." She and her business partner, Ralph Williams, own a thriving New Home Sales School in Dallas, TX, Sales Solve Everything, geared toward new Industry Recruits, seasoned New Home Sales Professionals and New Home Sales Management. Their 60+ clients include several national builders and numerous growing builders across 17 different states. . 

Mar'Sue and her business partner Ralph Williams spoke at the Maryland SMC, San Antonio SMC and Dallas SMC. Mar’Sue has served on the SMC Board in Dallas, TX and organized the 2013 Mc Sam Awards and she currently serves on the Sales and Marketing Counsel. 

Mar’Sue Haffner has spent nearly 20 years working with Grand Homes. She is an acclaimed sales person and has built her career on the premise that you can develop your gift for sales, and integrity is essential for success. Mar’Sue will join MetroTex to teach PERSONALITIES... Connect and Close with More of yours Buyers: Know their CORE. She will use her depth of experience to help you learn how to read your clients and adapt your approach to better connect with them.

PERSONALITIES: Connect and Close with More of yours Buyers: Know their CORE
Wednesday, September 21 | 9:00am - 12:00pm (Course information and registration)

Ralph Williams, CEO and Co-founder of Sales Solve Everything, is a true Sales Advocate, engaging Home Builder audiences across the Nation. In just 4 short years, the company has worked with over 60 home builders from small regional to large national accounts across 17 states. Some of our clients are the fastest growing Home Builders in the nation. Ralph is the visionary and creator behind Online Sales Bites, the most effective, interactive Onboarding tool in the market delivering Online Sales Training Programs that are created specifically for the New Home Sales Industry. 


With more than $2 Billion Dollars of Real Estate Sales transactions he attributes his success in life and business to five characteristics: Connect, Care, Work Hard, Practice and Develop. Some of the companies he has worked with include, Century 21, REDC, and New Home Network. His new home sales career started at New Urban West in Southern California, where he was recognized as one of the top three sales managers in California by ELAN. As Senior VP of Sales, Ralph helped lead the Grand Homes team to the prestigious “Builder of the Year” award in 2011. 
His experience as a Top Sales Professional and highly profitable Division President has molded his coaching style to be authentic and relatable. At Sales Solve Everything, he develops and delivers new ideas and concepts, on how to tackle the relevant issues in an ever-changing market, in a fun, interactive and effective way. 
Home Builders from across the Nation send their sales teams to attend Sales Solve Everything’s New Home Sales School, where hundreds of Sales Professionals graduate annually from their training school in Dallas Ft. Worth. 

Additional Designations.  Former Vice Chairman of the Dallas SMC. Dallas Builders Association McSam Award 2016 Finalist May 6, 2016.


Ralph Williams has built a successful career selling homes all over North America. Through his experience, he has learned the importance of understanding the cultural background of your clients in order to build trust and a richer experience. His course, Embrace the Multicultural Community and Expand Your Business will help you better understand three of the many diverse cultures in North Texas: Southern Asian, Eastern Asian and Hispanic.

Together, Mar’Sue and Ralph have built a thriving and in-demand sales school, Sales Solve Everything, geared toward new industry recruits, seasoned new home sales professionals and new home sales management. Join us for their classes this fall and discover why builders across the nation are so excited to learn from these local experts.

Embrace the Multicultural Community and Expand Your Business
Wednesday, September 21 | 1:00pm -  4:00pm (Course information and registration)